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My Employer is 'A' and the end client is 'B'. There is a contractual relationship between my employer and the end client and I work on my end client's location ( which is there in my LCA as well).

I work on a State project, so B's client is 'C'- State of XX ( but my Employer is having no control over 'C')

When I went for the Visa stamping interview, I was asked who is my end client to which I replied 'B' which is true. The VO asked for the end client letter and I showed her to which she asked again ' Final End client' , I replied 'B' and told that the project is for 'C' ( State of XX), she asked me the letter from 'C' . I said , I don't have that and I already showed you letter from 'B' which is my end client ( which also details the contractual relationship between my employer 'A' and end client 'B' and my services) and was a given a 221(g) to provide that letter.

221(g)- She circled it and wrote 'Letter from 'C' State of XX is required.

My Employer prepared a response and they got the letter from 'B' which mentioned that my Employer is 'A' and I am working on a State Project for 'B' .

Got a reply from the Consulate to submit the same letter from 'C' - State of XX

My query is as follows:

1. Since my Employer 'A' and my end client 'B' have a contract and my employer is not having any control on the State as it is B's client, so am I supposed to get that letter from 'C' as per the process?

2. If I get the letter from my end client 'B' stating that I am working on their project and that they do not provide any letters from 'C' for the contractors as per their policy, will that work?

3 Can you suggest any other approach to deal with this.
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