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Travel while H1b ammendment RFE in process

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Hi Saurabh,

One of my friend has his h1b ammendment RFE in process under premium.  Ammendment was for location change and new project. RFE is related to L1 Salary , employer has responded to RFE already & upgraded to premium.

He needs to travel to India urgently next week. Can he travel to India safely and come back while his Ammendment rfe gets approval or denial? He has his original i797 from current employer approved  till 2020 , and Visa stamped from previous employer untill Dec 15th. He is trying to come back prior to Dec 15th , in order to avoid stamping.  please advice in both scenarios of  ammendment RFE approval or denial. Thanks.


asked 5 days ago in H1B Visa by ruchias123gmail (120 points)

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