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By means of introduction, my name is Kaylee and I’m currently working on a company, MobSquad, that aims to bridge tech talent between Canada and Silicon Valley.
As you may know, the United States fills a lot of its engineering talent gaps with employees on H-1B visas (the “genius” visa used for foreign software engineers) but as we know, these have become increasingly more difficult to obtain with the substantial slow down in approving/renewing H-1B visas ad the current administration.
MobSquad will overcome these challenges by building and running engineering offices across Canada.  Engineers will be employed by MobSquad in one of these office and be “leased” long-term to one specific Silicon Valley based start-up. The benefit to these engineers, beyond the job security that Canadian visas can offer, includes high compensation, options/warrants in Silicon Valley start-ups and the opportunity to work in Canada. Our company, along with website and press released will be formally launched next month.
The reason I’m reaching out to you is because I am searching out software engineers who have been or are currently employed in the US on an H-1B visa and are interested in learning more about this potential opportunity!
I look forward to hearing whether you’d be interested in continuing this discussion - I am reachable by both email  ([email protected]) and phone.
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