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Hi All,

Biometric: Oct 15th 2017

Interview: Oct 19th 2017

I work for renowned US based company.

Questions asked:

Who is your petitioner ?

Annual pay ?

Did you like your Job ?

Which university did you completed masters ? ( I did masters in USA)

Did you took OPT and CPT ?

Then she said it will get completed by 5 businesses days.

She given white slip but she did not checked any box and did not written anything on the paper except the case number and she took my passport


How many days it will take to process when issued white slip on average  ?

I heard these days this is common to issue a White slip for everyone ?

Please let me know anyone have same experience recently.
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Hi , did you got any update on your status
Please let me know I am also facing same situation
Hey Hari,

As mentioned above, similar to my case happening quiet common these days.  This is nothing to worry.
My case got cleared in 2 business days.

Thanks for the quick response.
Do you know if they had done any background check on your current job like emailing your manager or site visit.
Nope, they did not do anything like that.
I Directly work for reputed product based company.
If you are working as contractor, you might have these extra check.

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