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As stated in the title, I worked in the US under H1B work visa. 

On 2/28/2017, I quit my job without another job offer, I was unemployed and stayed in the US and looking for new jobs. 

On 5/3/2017, I got notice from USCIS stating that:" on May 3, 2017, we revoked the approval of your case...", 

On 7/8/2017, I left the US. 

Now I am applying the H4 visa to get back to the US and filling the DS160, there are two questions asked, 

First, Has your U.S. Visa ever been cancelled or revoked? , I guess I should answer YES and just tell them it was because I quit my job...my question is, does this look bad enough to affect my H4 visa? I mean this should be a normal reason right? 

Second, Have you ever been unlawfully present, overstayed the amount of time granted by an immigration official or otherwise violated the terms of a U.S. visa? I guess I should answer YES to this one too? But how long did I overstayed? I knew that under the new policy, we should have 60 days of grace period...and I got revoke notice on 5/3 and left 2 months later...

I am so worried that these two questions will make me look bad in the eyes of VO, I wanted to answer NO to these questions but not sure if that would be a smart move....

thank you for your comments...

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