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How to check H1B petition sent back to USCIS for re consideration

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Hello, I have attended H1B Visa interview in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 25-nov 2016, and received(221G) Pink slip. and my case is pending for administrative process. they have not asked for any documents. Since then the status remained same.

Here i didn't understand whether my petition sent back to USCIS or held with Local consulate.

in case the embassy sent my petition back to US, do my case status changes in USCIS website? I have verified status in USCIS site, and it shows case approved on 15-Sep-2016.

Can any one advise how can i know whether my petition sent back to us or held with Embassy.
asked 5 days ago in H1B Visa by vcskl (120 points)

1 Answer

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Case review files are sent electronically from embassy to USCIS in Washington DC, then forwarded to one of the district processing centers based on jurisdiction and then returned back to embassy of origin once a decision has been made.

(is there an error in the dates you mention in the question? Did you mean 15-Sep 2017?)
answered 2 days ago by sshankar (62,660 points)

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