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My H1B is in RFE, i heard it happened a lot this year, do I have a chance to clear that?

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I want to know do I stand a chance of getting my H1B approved as it has been given an RFE? Does getting an RFE means theya re going to reject my H1B visa
asked Sep 13 in H1B Visa by Mo (120 points)
My situation is also same. RFE for last one and half months. Submitted everything and waiting for result

1 Answer

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Lots of guys I have heard from,they all have got RFE including me.My RFE is replied and waiting for the decision since last 1 month.This year I have heard the rate of approval has came down but lets not loose hope.We are not alone.
answered Sep 13 by Rohit1467 (140 points)
Rohit , your situation is also same as mine . Me too replied for RFE and waiting for the decision. Hope for the best.