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"This is the hard time to get usa visa" what is the intention of visa officer?

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My f2 visa interview was rejected last week

the VO asked me so many questions and seen some documents also

at the end he sad "This is the tough time to get USA visa , we cannot offer you"

I cannot understand his words ....

i am planning to re-apply within ten days so any one please tell me some suggestion according to my situation
asked Sep 11 in F1 Visa - OPT by venkat0755 (160 points)

1 Answer

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Well, it is hard to interpret his words. In general, maybe he meant, it is the overall sentiment with the current political situation. Not sure...

Historically, F2 visa has been tough, in general, as the option to support family is always questioned a lot...

If you have enough funds to support and show the need to join your spouse, does not hurt to try..nothing is guaranteed , but worth trying.
answered Sep 15 by Kumar (49,470 points)
F2 chances on opt

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