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RFE on education related

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Hi Ram,


I’ve received an RFE and below is the query.

In brief I’ve the detailed job description, need your input in formulating the education. My graduation is B.Sc (Chemistry) and I’ve done M.C.A (Masters degree) full time. Please suggest me on how to address the below.

Appreciate your help in this regard.

1. Please provide us a much more detailed description of Mr.xxxx specific job duties, the percentage of time to be spent on each duty, the level of responsibility required, and the minimum education required for the job duties.  Please include an explanation of why each of his duties requires the knowledge he obtained through his Master's degree education.  If he is able to link a duty to a particular course he took in his university (bachelor's and/or master's degree) studies (e.g. Mr.xxxx i learned X,Y, and Z in his Computer Programming and Problem Solving course and that knowledge is essential for him to understand how to use algorithms to design A,B, and C), that would be extremely helpful

2. Also they'd requested for SOW even after submitting the MOU, but my company is denying saying it's a huge organizational risk to produce a SOW from the client as this is future & proactive filing.

Can you please suggest me on this URGENTLY!



asked Sep 9 in H1B Visa by skcitadel (120 points)
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Appreciate your response please!

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