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Hi ,

My husband  attended the H4 visa interview on 27 June 2017 in chennai consulate.

He was given 221g and no additional documents were asked .

There is no update after that . The visa status is still in administrative process.

Its been more than 50 days without any update .

And i am in valid H1 visa . 

What is the average  wait time for admin processing ? Any idea ?

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Hi Preethi,

I am in the same boat..applied for h4 on 14th september. VO said will get back soon, retained my passport. No additional documents. And since then, NOTHING!..

was your husband's passport retained?
Yes . passport was collected  during initial interview.
Its been 90 days and there is no update from the consulate .
Hi preethi .

Did your husband got visa ?? Can you please share your experience i have gaven interview on 20 dec 2017 for H4 visa in delhi and it has been more then three months and i am still waiting , they asked my resume and research work and retained my passport.

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Your employer is being verified for immigration policy adherence. This takes about 60-75 days. You will not be asked for any documents, it is an internal review.
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@sshankar : Its been 84 days . Still i didnt get any update from embassy .Is there any way to find what kind of administrative process is going and how much time it may take ?
14th September - 221g, no documents asked, passport retained.

CEAC website said - Administrative Processing - Date - 14th September.

29th September - no update on ceac website, but ustraveldocs say "There is no status updated available". Earlier it was "passport with the us embassy/consulate"

What does that mean??
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mine is the same situation. it got approved after 120 days.
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@anilgollapudi : Was urs H4 ? If possible can you please give more details on whether it was from chennai consulate and what was the interview date and when the visa was issued ?
Yes mine is H4. My interview date was may 2nd. I got a mail from hyderabad consulate to submit my passport in last week of august.  Visa got approved on September 5th. No additional documents were asked
@anilgollapudi : Thank you so much for the information
Hi Anil,

What was your status on ustraveldocs during this process?

Did it ever change to "there is no status update?

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