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Hi Team,

I completed my masters by May 2017 and I am currently in F1-OPT status and have been working in USA since 19th June 2017. I received my first payslip and i scheduled F2 interview for my wife at Chennai consulate. Interviewer asked which visa I am at currently and my wife informed that I am currently in OPT status and working since 19th June. Interviewer did not ask for any further evidences. He just informed that I am in student visa and refused F2 visa for my wife citing 214-B.

I understand that once F2 is rejected, it is really difficult to get F2 approved again. To resolve this, I have approached the Senator of the state for his approval mentioning that I wanted to gain practical knowledge during OPT period and that I do not want to get settled as an immigrant. How likely it is to receive visa approval on the second attempt? (Note: My wife is showing home ties by mentioning the residential properties in India. We have been married for 3.5 years)
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Did it help?I'm in similar situation. F2 rejected need to know how to proceed.
Yes, helped.. We got the visa in second attempt
Did u approach the senator, or what change did u have for second attempt

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I am also curious. Let me know what changed from previous visa to when you applied again.

Did you carry any additional document, did going to the senator change anything?
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I am sorry to hear that. The very same thing happened to my wife a few days ago. I'm working on STEM OPT for the last 3 months. They asked her for my job title, salary and rejected telling to re-apply when 'circumstances change'. I don't know what to make of it or what they mean by 'change of circumstance'.

Please let me know if you approached the senator and if your wife reapplied.
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