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I just got email from attorney saying my h1 application is not picked. But interestingly I got case picked notice from attorney befor and I tracked case number which still says processing.

Attorney already contacted uscis asking for clarification. I am really worried. Attorney says this never happens before.

Please help
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By any chance have you applied via two different employers (but both employers uses the same attorney)? One was picked and other one is not picked?

Is the rejection notice (The one that says you didn't make through the lottery) having your name in it?
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That's unfortunate totally:( I hope your Attorney could reopen the case. All the best to you! I hope you update this thread with positive news of your visa approval.
What's the time frame for reopening the case
After getting rejection notice
30 days from the date you receive your rejection.
Thanks mathuram

Do you think my chances are bright here?

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