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Hello Experts!!!

I have my STEM OPT validity until Dec 2018 and recently my H1 has got picked[currently in RFE]. I am traveling outside US between August 1st week to September 1st week.  What could happen if i travel outside US now? and what are all the questions can I expect during my re-entry? Also please help me what are all the documents should I need to carry to be in safer side?


Appreciate  your help!
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Hey, Did you travel? I'm in the same boat. Will travel to India in the last week of Aug, 2017 for 7 days. What questions did they ask? Did your CoS got cancelled? Did you have to file for new CoS? I'd really appreciate your response.
Hi vinoth86876 and  yedapoda,

I am in the same boat as well. Any suggestions are appreciated!
did any of you guys travel? I am in the same situation as well. please advise

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