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Question is - Does the maxout period for L1 get reset even if we leave US and re enter US after one year with the SAME VISA ? Or maxout period RESET is applicable only if we re enter US after one year with a NEW VISA OR NEW PETITION ?

In my case I stayed in US as detailed:

1st Entry: May 2013 to May 2014 - 12 months (L1B Blanket VISA 1).

2nd Entry: September 2015 (In same Blanket L1B VISA 1). This entry is after more that 365 days from 1st exit but I re entered US on the same L1B VISA 1.

Then got my new L1B blanket VISA 2 stamped in Feb 2016 and have been staying since then with (1 or 2 months outside US for vacation).

Question is: What will be my L1B maxout period -

2020 (5 years from  2nd Entry on VISA 1) ?     or

2019 (VISA 1 days + VISA 2 days maxed to 5 years) ?
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