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Even though my educational background is not related to research my passport was held. But the VO retained my Passport and I was issued a blue slip. Its almost a month and still I am waiting. If anybody else have come across the same situation, kindly share your experience.
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Hi Tharini,

Any update on your status?
Hi Tharini,

Any update on your case?

Did your passport status on ustraveldocs ever change?
 Did you get your visa? Can you please share your experience with me . I have attended h4 visa interview in delhi on 12-dec-2017 since then till date it is in administrative proccessing and V.O retained my passport and i was issued a white slip

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My husband visa is in same stage .

He attended  H4 interview on 27 Jun. Was given 221g blue slip. No documents requested .
passport retained by the officer .

Till date no updates
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Hi Preethi,

Any update on your status?

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