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I have attended H4 Visa interview at Chennai.My Visa is held citing the reason as AP.Have anybody been through the same?

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Even though my educational background is not related to research my passport was held. But the VO retained my Passport and I was issued a blue slip. Its almost a month and still I am waiting. If anybody else have come across the same situation, kindly share your experience.
asked Jun 20 in L1, L2, H4, B Visas & Misc by Tharini (120 points)
Hi Tharini,

Any update on your status?
Hi Tharini,

Any update on your case?

Did your passport status on ustraveldocs ever change?

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My husband visa is in same stage .

He attended  H4 interview on 27 Jun. Was given 221g blue slip. No documents requested .
passport retained by the officer .

Till date no updates
answered Sep 11 by preethiharikrishnan (160 points)
Hi Preethi,

Any update on your status?