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Hi, I have a question regarding H4 visa stamping. Some context before I ask the question - I got laid-off in Feb and was not able to find a new employer to sponsor and transfer H1B within 60 days. So I applied for H4 visa(based on spouse's H1) in March maintain legal status in the country. The application is currently under processing with Vermont center. I'm currently in the US. My spouse's perm approval came through few days ago and we are in process of getting I140. The next step would be to get an EAD card for me. But before I can apply for an EAD, I suppose I need an H4 approval. The current wait times for H4 petition at Vermont is 8-9 months so I am thinking of getting H4 stamped at a US Consulate and re-entering US.

1. Do I need a H4 visa stamp on my passport and an I-94 based on entering US on H4 visa for the I-765(EAD) petition? Or just H4 approval receipt is enough?

2. Can I get the H4 visa stamped in Canada or I need to get it done in my home country(India)?
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