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I Entered in US with H4 visa. Then I did Master from here and changed my visa status from H4 to F1 although I never got F-1 visa stamped  in my passport after changing my visa status from H-4 to F-1. After completion of master and I got initially 1 year OPT (EAD) and started working as a fulltime employee. Then after completing my 1 year OPT I got OPT STEP (OPT Extension EAD) approved for 24 months.

I want to go to India for few days due to some family urgency. So as we know I need to get F-1 visa stamped in my passport while coming back.

  1. Can I get my F1 visa stamped from India or anywhere else without any issue?
  2. Currently I have my offer letter, I-20, Passport, OPT STEP extension EAD. Do I need to carry more documents?
  3. Is there anyone who have recently stamped F1 visa while on POST completion OPT/OPT.

If yes could you please share your experience?

I really appreciate your help.



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Hi. I am in the same situation. Did you get your F1 visa? Please reply. Thanks.
I am in similar situation. CAn you update regarding your travel to India?

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You may put yourself in trouble if you attempt to go for an F1 visa stamping as you entered the USA on a dual-intent H4 Visa. US Consulate may assume that you have joined college only to get a work permit. And when you apply for F1 Visa, you will have to show ties to the home country and you will return and your H1B spouse is in the USA and how will you prove that you will return to home country after F1 visa completions??

However, if you attempt and F1 visa is denied, you may come back on H4 visa. Good luck
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Hi. I am in the same situation. Did you get your F1 visa? Please reply. Thanks.

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I am on POST OPT EAD.But I did not take the risk to travel . and my visa is not yet stamped.