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I am currently holding H1B visa and my Spouse is holding H4S visa. Petition expired date is Sep,2019(so there is no situation of visa/petition expired).
We both are currently in India and did not travel yet on these visas to USA.

Now, There is one requirement in USA on other location(Other than filed at the time of petition) so there was a need of filing amendment for me. My employer has filed it and it's in pending status.

Queries: Can we both travel to USA(at my work site) with amendment pending status?....This is the first time Visit for both of us to USA on H1B and H4S visas.

Note: I already travel to USA on B1 Visa twice.
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I think you can. Just have the proof with you and all necessary documents (project details, who you will report to etc.) to prove that you have applied for amendment.
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