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The below is what I received from my Attorney;

"We received an approval of the H-1B petition filed on your behalf. However, we also received a denial of the change of status. Specifically, you traveled internationally while it was pending. Therefore USCIS approved it for Consular Notification since they could not change and extend the validity of your I-94 card as it had been returned prior to departing the US.

The H-1B is yours and has been counted against the cap - so we have it and your L is valid until next October. So, you have this year to go out and secure the H visa and return."

I have asked my Attorney whether I can go to Canada(Toronto) to get my Visa Stamped, and she said Yes.

I am planning to get my H1b Visa stamped in January 2013. Can anybody let me know if there are any cheap hotels/motels around the US Consulate area?

I appreciate any precise information.

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