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I had my interview today and the VO handed me a 221g blue slip. Only, needs administrative processing is checked. No other box is checked. The VO dint event check my i797. He asked a couple of questions and handed me the slip and kept the passport. The officer said it usually takes one week to process. But reading about this in the internet seems scary. The interview happened on 27th Jan 2017.

Has anyone faced the issue?


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Okay. It has been more than 2 weeks. Did you try to contact them?
You just have to wait. If you call they are going to say same thing. If they keep the passport 90 % time they will stamp it. Might take 3  to 4 weeks.
My VISA interview was on 4th June. I was given a blue sheet 221(g), administrative processing. Passport retained. There has been no mail asking for additional documents.

VISA Type: J1

The forums are frightening, the wait times are a nightmare.

Is it normal to not receive a mail asking for documents?
Don't worry. I had the same issue and got it in 2 weeks. They won't ask for documents. Keep checking the status. All the best!!
People have had to wait for about a month, I've heard. But thank you so much, your comment made my day brighter.

Which consulate? Do they work in order, clear cases according to interview dates? A friend has been waiting for 39 days now. Chennai Consulate.

Fingers crossed. I hope I get my VISA issued soon. Dream internship.

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@Chid.. Did you get a response within a week? I had the same experience. VO retained my passport and issued 221G blue slip with additional admin processing ticked.

Asked me to contact after a week if no response.
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Hi, Yes. I exactly got it in one week. They issued the visa
Congratulations! Reading a lot of scary stuff on Internet. I had an exact same experience like yours. Interview on Feb 10. Hope to get my stamped passport soon..
Congrats!! My interview was on feb 8th and I hope it won't take more than 2 weeks.
@Trincazz please post if you receive any updates
Status changed to issued today. It was last updated on Feb 10th. Not even a week.
Status change for me too, from 10th Feb to 13th Feb. Says Issued now. Hope to get my stamped passport soon!
HI Chid,

Congrats! Approx. how much time it took for you to get the visa. Had similar case. Interview on 8th May 2017 ; Passport retained and given a blue form with administrative processing box ticked in the form. Officer said its a regular process. Not to worry. It is  B1 visa

What about others ? Have you all got the visa? How much time it took.

Did you get your visa? If yes, how long did it take?
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My passport was retained too and they handed me a yellow slip and did not ask me for any document and on the slip it was written administrative processing and it's a month as I gave the interview on 11th jan. Can anyone help me please I applied for B1/B2.
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Hi sukhdeep,

did you get the visa?
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I had my h4 visa interview today. My wife is a dentist in the US. She recently got her h1b approval (yet to come to India for stamping). Interview was pretty basic. Very sweet VO. She asked me if I was in the US for 6 months on my tourist visa (this was when I got married to my wife, and stayed back) and if I was questioned separately by the CBP (this was after i stayed in the US for 6 months, happened when I was entering the US after that). 

At the end of the interview she gave me the 221g yellow slip which said Administrative Processing and said they will contact me in any further documents requested from my end. 

She retained the passport and said "I will hold on to this as it should take much time" and that she would look into the matter this week. I told her that i plan to travel to the US on the 22nd of September, and if I should change my travel plans to which she said "we'll contact you by the end of the day and let you know on that" 

Before leaving i asked her "I hope all is fine" she smiled and said "yes yes :)" 

Wondering what i should make of this. 

Could it be because my wife's status online still says "application received"? even though she has got her i797 approval notice. 

Or was it because they want to do a background check on me? 

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