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How is background verification done for H-1B by USCIS?

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I have over all 3.7 years of experience and among them 2 years is fake and 17 is genuine with a CMM level 5 company. My organization is nominating me for H1 this year?

Does my previous work experience causes any issues?
asked Jan 10 in H1B Visa by jobseeker145 (120 points)

1 Answer

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First of all I would like to appreciate you for being honest.

At the same time, you should not use invalid credentials as such things would bite you back at some point, read bad. So, be away from the fraud.

Now coming to your question, One need not require to have work experience to get H1B visa. Having said that , you dont need to put any experience credentials with your H1 petition given that you had 16 years of educational qualifications.

So, tell your lawyers not to present any of your experience credentials with the petition.

USCIS dong background check is beyond you and me. If anyone come to know, it will be very bad for you. Avoid it!!
answered Jan 11 by ImmiGeek (26,200 points)

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