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H1B Visa renewal/ stamping - dropbox eligibility

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I have a H1b approved document with my current employer. I am in the US and working with them. 

My previous H1B expired on 05/06/2016. My Visa on passport was also stamped for expiry with 05/06/2016

I had a Advanced parole document and the H1B was extended. My current H1b expires on 05/06/2017. My advanced parole expired on 1/31/2017.

Since I am with the same employer and have the H1B extended, can I use the dropbox facility in Bangalore? I have been staying and working in US but had not left the country. But now need to and have to get my visa stamped.

 I remember being finger printed etc as well during my last visa appointment in Delhi. Just want to confirm

asked Jan 8 in H1B Visa by maniank (120 points)

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