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What is the procedure to switching company when H1B visa extension has been filed by the current employer ?

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Respected Sir

My current Employer has filed for an extension of my H1B visa, that got expired in November 2016, under normal processing.   I am waiting on the status.  

Quite likely that I would get an offer from another company I recently interviewed with in the meantime,  which I would like to take, by all means. In this context,   I have the following questions.

(i) Is it possible to switch-over to a new Employer when waiting on the status of extension filed by the current Employer?

ii) Would the new Employer file for both the Extension and the Transfer? Should I tell them about my case as mentioned above and ask them to file for both?

(iii) Should I ask my current Employer to convert the normal processing to premium processing and get the extension approved first before I take up the offer from the new Employer?  Wonder how I could even tell them about the switch-over.

What exactly should be the approach from me here?

This is very crucial to know as there is a lot at stake for me. So please help with your insights on how to proceed on this.  Appreciate much in advance.

Kind Regards
asked Jan 8 in H1B Visa by Yankee (120 points)
Same question for me :) TIA!

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