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Address Where You Will Stay in the U.S. for H4

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I need to fill DS 160 for my wife & daughter, currently I stay in California (My Client Company) and my LCA & DS 160 is referred to Dallas, Texas (My Company). I'm little confused which address I need to fill in (Address Where You Will Stay in the U.S.) for wife's & daughter's DS 160 (California address or Texas address).

My Bank Statement and Pay Slip is in CA address.
asked Jan 7 in L1, L2, H4, B Visas & Misc by vinoth2612 (120 points)

1 Answer

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All documents should have same address. While California meets the physical presence test, I would still recommend using Texas for all documents.
answered Jan 8 by sshankar (58,800 points)
Thanks for the reply Sir.
Please tell me changing LCA to my California office will be a good option.
If so how long it will take to change the address.
My wife and daughter gonna attend Visa interview in Chennai Consulate. Today is their biometrics but I have rescheduled it to next month because of this confusion.

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