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Port of entry at my location with my Wife ( H1B ) and kid ( H4 )

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I am a H1B holder and staying in USA since Feb, 2016. I have filed H1B for my wife in 2016 and it got picked up in lottery and her petition got approved. She also done with the H1B stamping. I have also file H4 for my Kid with my I-797.

I am planning to go to India this March, 2017 and bring my family in Apr, 2017. I have couple of questions/clarifications needed.

1. My Wife pitition got filed by an employer from Vermont region. As I stay in California, can we both have port of entry at San Francisco?

2. Can we all together ( Myself, My Wife and My kid ) go to the same custom officer while port of entry at San Francisco?

Thanks in advance.
asked Jan 6 in H1B Visa by vinodgoudk (120 points)
edited Jan 7 by vinodgoudk

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