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Hi All, My story goes like this -

My L1B blanket was rejected last week. After the typical QandAs the VO told me that L1B is having a very narrow approval range and based on the answers that I gave, I dont fit into L1b category.

After that, I went back to my attorney and HR team. They are now thinking that L1A functional manager is a better fit for me. They are planning to file L1A individual with premium processing.

My question is - How advisable is it to go for L1A individual within couple of months after L1B Blanket rejection? Also, will the L1B rejection have any impact on my L1A when the case is considered by USCIS?

I have a total experience of 12 yrs and handle multiple projects as a delivery manager. But i am not a people manager for anybody.Pleas advise if anyone has any information regarding this. Any help would be much appreciated.

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