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My current employer X has filed a location amendment to USCIS as my work location got changed.
I am not sure how long it will take to get approved.So lets say this location change amendment is in progress But If  I want that other employer Y should file my new h1b transfer(technically
new h1b petition) while location amendment from current employer is in progress.
Is there any issue in filing new h1b petition from other employer Y while location amendment is in progress from current employer X?
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No issues w/ this. Y would have to submit X's approval notice and amendment receipt for this to show that you have already made through the cap and are working at the correct location.
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I have not got amendment receipt and approval notice so far ,Do i need to ask my X employer for same.?
Yes, X will have to provide those documents. Do you think they will provide those?

Also, are you inside US or outside?

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