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how much time USCIS will take for RFE Response Review under PP?

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my case is upgraded to permium, i got RFE and I have replied for RFE request with all the neccessary documents, and status in USCIS is now RFE Review and says it will 60 days to process,  will it 60 days for  premium processing or its general info they publish on there website for all whoever get RFE Reviw


Please let me know i am worried
asked Oct 24, 2012 in H1B Visa by chandra (140 points)
hi chandra.i have got rfe... and wanted to know how long it took for the for visa approval on PP

1 Answer

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It will be 15 calendar days from the date RFE response is received and processed. Their online message is standard 60 days for both PP and non-PP cases.
answered Oct 24, 2012 by Saurabh (284,320 points)

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