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Notice received on April 11 2016 and Receipt number start with WAC16145XXXXX .  When I try to check status, it  displaying validation error message “My Case Status does not recognise the receipt number”.   Is there any body facing  same issue .
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Try after few days. If the error persists, ask employer to contact USCIS and get this sorted out. Maybe a technical issue on USCIS side.
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This is Vijay B from CTS. I also have same issue with my receipt number which start with same WAC1614551***. The issue is exists for more then 2 months . when I contacted My employer , they are asking me to wait. Please let know if anybody experienced similar issues and how to resolve this issue. Thanks.
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Me and my few other friends are also waiting for the same. Got receipt notices and no updates in uscis website. As per my attorney sources, "California Service Center" data entry work is not completed for new H1's and came to know that, It will update by July mid.

Please be patience to get actual status online from uscis website.

All the best. Thank you.

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