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My OPT Ends on May 25th

 24th months STEM Policy will go into effective on May 10th ,

Should I apply for extension under the 17 months or wait? I'm fried I don't have enough time to apply under 24th months STEM Policy  given that 24 STEM stars May 10  (between May 10th and May 25th only 15 days)

I'm planning to apply on April 6th ,do  I have time?
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1 Answer

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If you want to maintain continuity of work, you should apply for OPT extension now. You are correct that there is not enough time to apply for 24 month OPT and get its timely approval.

If you get 17 month OPT now, you can apply for 7 month extension later as you would have more than 5 month of OPT left after May.
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Thank you so much , but do they upgrade it automatically if my application was pending on May 10th to 24 months?
I don't think they will do that.