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I moved to USA on Oct 2 2012. I got admission into one of the schools which would start around Jan 2013. I want to file for a COS, so my question is, should I wait for sometime before filing COS since I just entered US on a different VISA. Is there an "ideal" wait time before I should apply for COS when I just moved to US on another status.

Also - which COS filing method is faster - Paper filing or through ELIS.
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Well, in my view, there is no such restriction.   Just to make sure, check with the DSO ( international student advisor) of the school that you have admission from and proceed further.  Not sure, if there is a difference in processing time. Electronic maybe better for tracking purpose.
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Agree with Kumar. I have heard that 6 months is a good time to wait to file a change of status. However, I do not have any proof for this . I have heard from friends.


You may apply by paper or ELIS. I used paper and was aproved in 7 weeks.
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