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Can someone help me with right answers,

I came to us on h1B thru company A and switched my job after 2 years to company B and spent 1 year with company B and initiating the green card process now.

Company A is refused to provide experience letter and they ask for 12,000 $ for it and behaving very rude.

I gave one month notice when I left company A and had no money dues.

Please guide me is that experience letter is mandatory for Green card filing?

Some of my friends suggesting to get affidavits form my supervisors and previous colleagues.

Does this affidavit is equal to an experience letter? Does it enough to file GC?

Please guide,
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Experience letter is needed if it qualifies you for a certain GC category. For example, if you are filing under EB-2 using 5 years work experience as the basis, and that 1 year tenure is part of your qualification, then it is required.

Yes, you can get letter from supervisor or colleague on their personal stationary or their current employer's letterhead, that can be used as well. You should also submit a copy of their linked-in profile which shows overlap at the old employer. Discuss with your attorney about exact format of letter.
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Hi Saurabh

Thanks for the inputs. Really helpful..

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