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Hi All,
My wife is working in US and I am having a valid H4 visa, but currently I am in India. I filed H1 petition from a consultancy from US and it got picked in lottery.
Now my question are, 

  1. Can I still travel to US on H4 visa to US? 
  2. If yes, then till when I can travel? I heard that once my H1B petition is approved (in July end or in Aug) then I can not travel on H4.
  3. Is the stamping for H1B needs to be done from India only.

Please help me here.

Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

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Is that OK to Travel on H4 when my name is Picked up in Lottery this year?
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Yes, it is ok to travel on H-4 while your H-1 is being processed.

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