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Due to recent H1B Visa Amendment rules effective April 9th 2015, my travel to US was postponed by my company's immigration team. 

Case: My H1B petition was filed for New York (for a different client) whereas, I was going to Los Angeles (CA) for a different client/ project. My LCA was also approved for the new/ different client before April 9th and travel was planned on April 17th 2015. Now, on April 9th, US gov. has passed a new law to amend the H1B petition whenever there is a case of change in city for work and that takes 4-6 weeks (premium processing) and 12-16 weeks (normal processing). Our customer is now in big problem as this position needs to be immediately fulfilled. I also have a valid B1/B2 (business visa) and my company is trying to send me immediately on that visa and in parallel start the amendment process. Is this possible legally for me to travel ?? i.e. Can i travel on B1 and at the same time my company can apply for H1B amendment process and then come back to India and go on H1B with my family after 2 months? Please guide me the legal obligations if any.

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You can travel on B-1 visa. You must follow all USCIS stipulations of the visa category you travel on but otherwise there is no problem.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, www.chu.edu, sshankarATchu.edu
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Thank You Dr.Shankar for the information.