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Thanks for replying, may i ask for more clarification on 2) and ,3)

2) That depends on if it is a consular processing or COS. Ask your new employer to go for COS, so that you don't need to go for stamping

Can COS filled for me? or If filing H1B from out side US then its consular processing

As I am still in India with H4 Stamped but no i-94 for me until i cross border 1st time, 

My H1B will be filed by1st April 2015 while still in India. I will travel to US by mid-Apr or May 2015.

3) If I come to US with H4 stamped and H1B Applied status...how should I explain if aksed that H4 being used to enter US for getting job?


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2) You can come to US and wait for the lottery result. You can then file COS if picked in lottery

3) H1 and H4 are two individual applications and independent. It doesn't matter which visa are you coming to US, you just need to maintain valid legal status. Coming on H4 will not hamper your H1 in any way
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