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Currently i m on H4 Visa. I have around 6 years of IT experiance i have got two sponsers who are ready to apply my H1B for 2016.
They are not big companies they are having around 40 people in their firm.Due to some reasons i need to go to India in febrary 2015(Can stay there for 5 -6 months).My sponser also apply visa for people who are in India.
My question are
1) If i go to India are my chances in getting a lottery whould ne less  rather than staying in US on H4 visa ?
 2) Is there would be a any problem in stamping bacause i have heard that if employer is small they could have reject the stamping? Because if i stay in U.S stamping is not required in Oct i can work with client for  6 7 months and then if i go to india i dnt have issue in stamping because i would be having client letter, experiance with client, 6 -7 payrolls already generated.
If whole point should i stay in U.S. only on H4 Visa (from April to Oct) or i can stay in India (from April to Oct).
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1. No, the chances would still remain the same.

2. Stamping rejection is case by case basis. There is nobody to except the VO can say that.
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