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I work for employer A. My employer filed my H1 in April 2014,  and it got selected in USCIS lottery. Now, I have a valid H1-B petition for employer A which is valid till 2017. I have not got my passport stamped yet and  hence have not  travelled to the United States.
When I leave my employer A, he will revoke my existing petition.
I am about to pursue my masters (MBA) from the US, and plan to go there on an F1 (Student) visa.  I have the following query. Would appreciate if any one can help me with this.
After I complete my graduation in 2017, I would need my new employer (B), to file for my H1.   I need to know, when employer B files for my H1, will it be a new application all together, and  my application will again undergo the lottery system used by USCIS or will my application be exempted from Cap (Lottery) since I previously had an approved petition for employer A, though it has been revoked now and  the 3 year period(2014-2017)  for which my petition was valid is  over.
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My friend is in the same boat. Did you got any relevant answer? His petition is revoked just 3days back. If he wishes to get into a job again, is he cap-exempt? Your answer may be of great help.
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