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I have not travelled to US yet. 'CompanyA' filed H1B petition last year, and got stamped from Mumbai (INDIA) consulate last year and valid till 2015 September. I resigned from 'CompanyA' six months back , hence they revoked my H1B petition on October this year (As per current H1B status from USCIS site).I approached 'CompanyB' recently, and they are ready to transfer my H1B Visa by filing new LCA and I797. I have couple of questions. 

1. If I get new I797 from 'CompanyB', should I go for stamping again (Mumbai)?

2. The visa has old petitioner name, and that petition is revoked. Will there be any issue at POE if I'm not stamping visa with new I797?

3.  Will I get any question for new I797 at POE? 

Thank you. 

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