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1) I have H1B petition approved in year Sept 2011.. which is going to expire on 14 Sept 2014 from Employer A in India.

2) No H1-B Stamping done at that time.. and I only have Receipt number wth me (no other documents of Petition status). I have left Employer A in year 2013.. and joined new employed in India Employer B,

3) I only have H1b Petition approved receipt number, and I can check status as "Approved" on USCIS site.

4) Curretnly, I am in US from employer B  with B1 visa.

5) Can I use H1B Petition number from Employer  A (only receipt number that I have, no other documents).. to get it transfer to any new employer in US while I am on B1 visa in US.. or get it transfered with my current employer B1, for whom I came here on B1?

6) If I want to use same petition approved receipt number, what steps do I need to follow ? and can I know from any official website about expiration date of my petition ? till how long can I wait to get H1-B petition transfered if its all legal and possible ?

This is specific case, and is anybody got experienced or tried to use such old H1B petition from ex-expoloyer (No stamping done for H1B).. with another employer after coming to US on B1 visa from employer B ?


Appreciate quick response..as petition may get expire this month.

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any advise please ? Waiting for response still...

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