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Hi Saurabh,
I quickly need your advice, I am working for my current employer on H1B and I now have a very good offer from a new Employer and would like to get my H1 filed with new employer but the time I have joined my current employer, I have signed my offer letter where there was a mention of clause which briefly says that the Company has invested on me for various trainings and other things in terms of various expenses and it says that I have to repay  the Investment Cost in the amount of $ XXXXX if I leave the company within a specified period.
Can you please let me know if the above clause would allow my employer to take a legal action against me if I leave him now as I still have some more months to complete the above said period in the agreement.In fact my employer has never invested anything on me apart from my H1 fees and the above clause was reframed to include the H1 fee expenses. I don't want to repay any amount mentioned by my current employer so will it cause any issue if he proceeds legally so do I need to repay the huge amount he demands as an invenstment cost.Please advice me.
You have always supported me with your valuable advices and would hope the same again, Thanks a lot for your time and effort.
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