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Hi all,

Please provide me universities and colleges list that allow CPT from first semester to the entire course..   I am on a H4 dependent visa and want to change my status to F1 and at the sametime i want to earn my fees. I don;t want to be a burden to my spouse.i have 7 yrs of software industry experience and i dont want to sit idle at home and waste my skills being on a H4 visa.

Looking in particular for universities in Illinois,CA,Kentucky,Texas and Florida.. and then rest of USA..


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2 Answers

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Mohit, While we do not advise on any schools here...just a word of caution. Beware of universities that offer CPT from first semseter...Typically, good schools offer CPT after you complete two semesters...
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You can go for ITU in Sunnyvale, they will provide you CPT in the First semister itself.
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