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I am asking a quick question which was part of the previous unanswered question.

I have RFE for H1B transfer on 11th April.

HR mailed that, it has been responded on 24th April.

However, I do not see any update in the case status.

Is it regular that after responsing to RFE status is not getting changed to RFE Response Review? Any idea how long it should take for the status to get changed to RFE Response Review or Decision?

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They will start the clock once they receive the RFE Response.. Its common, it changes in a week or two..

Once the clock starts, U will get the result on 15 days if its Premium Processing..
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So when HR says they responded to RFE on 24th April - Any idea when status will change? Is there any way I can understand whether the response reached to USCIS or not? I assume, that if response reached then the status should be RFE Response Review.. right? Or do they take some time to update that as well ?
U can ask ur employer for mail tracking and scan copy of it..
Generally it takes few days for USCIS to update to RFE Response Review as per statistics..
Today only the status is change to Initial Review. Please see here - http://redbus2us.com/qa/24775/h1b-transfer-rfe-status-changed-to-initial-review

Thank you for reply.
Hi prasad ,

Did the response or decision come within 15 days of filing the RFE response .

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