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"An unexpected error has occurred while processing your previous request. The error has been reported to the site administrator; no further action is required. To retrieve your DS-160 application, please enter your Application ID."

This is the error i got every time I click next page and i gotta retrieve application once again. Is this a matter of concern?

Even I am not able to upload the application saved(.dat file). same error. what to do? it usually happens in Saturdays?( Friday nights - US time). Quick answer would be helpful. i am worried
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If you get above error, it is because the system is overloaded and behaving weirdly or there is maintenance going on during that time that is causing that issue.  Below are the few things that you can do.

  • Try out after sometime, the system load can be reduced and it would work.
  • If you are doing this on weekend, sometimes, there are maintenance windows and it can be the issue, so try it out during a week day.
  • You can try calling the local support team, who processes US visas in your country. Or you can write to the embassy. 
  • One other option is that you can create a new DS-160 and try it out. It should work as well. This must be the last option. 
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Got into same issue. Filled DS160 half way on Friday night IST. Came to complete it on Sat morning IST and whole day getting message "The error has been reported to the site administrator; no further action is required." upon clicking on "Save" or "Next" button within the form.


Unable to proceed at this point.


Seems like some new application issue that should get resolved in some time. Waiting and trying again every few hours !
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who's night time wishmegoodluck, US or Europe
I m having exact same problem in asia. Will US government web maintenance solve the problem today? Anyone able to get application through?
It's George Washington's Birthday today... So the embassy is closed. Maybe that is causing an issue? :P
wait till tuesday morning
Hi.I'm from India..I have been trying to submit the DS 160 for last 4 days but no luck..I get the same message "The error has been reported to the site administrator; no further action is required." upon clicking on "Save" or "Next" button within the form." Appreciate any quick solution/response.
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There was a problem of  server error on saturday Indian time. It got sorted out On Monday and we could proceed smoothly.

Things look ok in India now
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Still not working in the UK. Application error after photo section.
the same in France...isn't there a way to contact a personn responsible for it?
Websites are slightly different for Europe and india.
Though basic website remains www.ustraveldocs.com,
For us it is- www.ustraveldocs.com/in
For others, it is respective country.
Surely They are aware of problem and would be working on it
But feb 17 Is govn't holiday. Would they work on this?
it just finally worked for me! they may have solved the problem for everybody?
If it's not the case for everybody I was told to call Department of State directly.  You may call (202) 485-7600, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. EST to 5:00 p.m. EST.
Is anyone able to complete the ds160 application....
Yes. In India , we have completed DS  160. Taken Appointments. Things are normal from last Monday onwards in India as far as US website for visas is concerned
I m from India but still facing the same issue,have u created a new DS160 or gone with the same old application.
it finally worked with the same old application, but I considered starting again if it would'nt have been the case soon enough...

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