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How can we check the LCA status?

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My LCA was applied on 31st May...Still I am waiting for approval ..can any one suggest me why it is taking more than 7 days and how can I check my LCA status?

what is the chances in h1b quota if LCA will approve on monday?

please answer the questions.
asked Jun 9, 2012 in H1B Visa by anonymous
retagged Jun 11, 2012 by Kumar

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Hi , 

You can check your LCA Status at this Site


In the Right Hand side of this side you can find

" "

Enter your Case Status Number which you got by filing your LCA and check the status of your LCA ..I applied on June 1st and i got approved now at this odd time..:(

Hope i helped you

answered Jun 9, 2012 by anonymous
selected Nov 15, 2016 by ImmiGeek

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