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Hi All,

Had a question on the PoE. I would be a first time visitor to USA on H1B. My employer in the USA is a small sized IT Services Firm and we have a client on the West Coast. I would be under direct supervision of my petitioner, (and NOT the client) for the entire duration of my employment in USA.

My employer's head office is in the East Coast. Now, I was planning to enter US via either Newark, or JFK. Since I would have to report to my head office first before heading out to the client location in the West Coast.

Is this possible? Or do I HAVE to enter via any PoE on the West Coast since my client is located there. I have all the relevant documents (for example, the client letter).

Also, I read through the forums and got pretty scared about the deportation incident that happened in the Newark Airport around January 2010. Is this still on?

What kind of verification process/questioning happens in the second level of CBP Inspection?

Thanks, and Regards
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I don't think there is any such restrictions on where you should land in the US.

The incident mentioned in various forums might be some rare cases and not something that happens regularly, but it all depends on your individual case and what you talk about your travel to the CBP officer.

Excerpt from CBP website, regarding second CBP inspection:

If you are an alien, the CBP Officer must determine why you are coming to the United States, what documents you may require, if you have those documents, and how long you should be allowed to initially stay in the United States.

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