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I am an employee of company A & on L1 status. Company B filed my H1B with COS with start date of October - 1 - 2013.
There is a situation where company B has asked me to start / join them only in January 2014 and i may have to continue on L1 with company A until then.
To the best of my knowledge, i believe that my L1 will be invalid after October- 1- 2013 and i automatically move on H1B. Please recommend me what i can do to continue on L1 until Jan and only join H1 employer in Jan 14?
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you are correct on ur H1 status from Oct 1st. If ur L1 A VISA stamp is still valid to reenter to US , better option would be go out of US before Oct  1st and come back after Oct 1st. I think,  Later ( In jan in ur case ) , can apply for COS from L1 to H1.


If you are L1 I-94 ( expired VISA ) , ideally u should join H1 employer from Oct 1st, I am not sure how u can avoid that. check with attorney.
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