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I am on H4 Visa and currently live in USA and Applied for H4 to  H1B COS in April 2013.

H1B is approved and i got my documents from  my current employer A.

Now I got a job in a service company B as a full timer.But i have few questions in H1 Transfer to the new employer.

1.Is it possible to do H1 Tranfer from company A to B before my employment begins . (before october 1st 2013) while i am on H4 visa and live in USA currently.

2. Company B is telling, They need minimum 3 paystubs to do transfer. What is the problem if we do the transfer without paystubs before october 1st.

3.  If  the transfer is possible without paystubs, When can i start working( After receipt notice/After approval).

Please advice.
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I have exactly the same question and would like to know if you have found an answer to this yet.

I have been told that since you need 3 paystubs, if you try to do the H1 transfer without paystubs then there are always chances of denial.

Is there an alternative to this situation?


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Any anwers to this. I have the same question. Your situation is better but my current employer is not willing to share the papers. Please share if you have any answers

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