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Hi - My L1 B Extension is filled and my I-94 got expired. Can I stay as I am waiting for response on my extension or not even after I-94 expired ? If so how many days is vald.


Please advice.
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You can stay until USCIS gives a decision on your extension. If RFE is encountered and if your employer can provide one you can still stay. If RFE and your employer withdraws your extn application, you need to go back immediately.
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Thanks for the response....So in case I get a RFE and my company withdraws the same....does my stay after I-94 expiry is illegal ?? Will it impact my next travels to US ??

Also any rough estimate as to know how many days it takes to know the status of the extension !!

Thanks a lot !!
It won't be illegal if you leave as soon as your employer decides to withdraw.
Extn process might take upto 2-4 months.
Thanks for the reply.... I am thinking of converting L1 B to L1 A while extension..I am thinking to apply for this and if there is an RFE...would like to withdraw and go for L1 A new Stamping in Canada.... Please advice on this approach.
Are you planning for L1A because you get 7 yrs overall or you are already doing enough managerial role. If latter, your approach is fine.
Other option if you want to stay for longer time is - L1B extn and GC and H1B next year.

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