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Process at Passport Seva Kendra –TCS outsourcing, Faster processing at Hyderabad

I applied for passport over 10 years ago and the process at that time was paper driven. I had to stand in line for a very long time; I had to fill in big sets of papers and the processing time at Passport Seva Center was very long…things have changed considerably in the last ten years.  Let me share my experience visiting passport Seva Kendra(PSK) for my Indian Passport Renewal.

Outside Passport Seva Kendra in Hyderabad.

I went to passport seva kendra at about 8:30 AM.  As I was eligible for walk-in at that time, I did not had any appointment booked, I just went for a Walk-in Appointment ( 9 AM to 11 AM).   The security guard was very specific on timing, he did not allow anyone until the clock hit 9 AM.  As I inquired others, they were telling their own stories how much they paid for the agent, what all different documents they were carrying.  I got a little confused as I never went to an agent and I did not had all the documents that they were mentioning…I said to myself to stay calm. Some of things I heard was, some paid about couple of thousands to get a slot… (Updated 2016 : Now-a-days, there is no hassle of opening slots at a certain time, you need to pay online and then book slot, so the agents stories are gone for toss. Do NOT believe in agents. )  In any case, none of the agents are allowed inside the passport seva Kendra. They have to stay at the gate. So, there is no need to go for one, unless you badly need some specific help and illiterate.

Standing in Line outside, Outside hall token collection – Documents verification

Once the security guard lets you enter the premises, you will be asked to stand in line, then they look for the document that you  printed out from website, which has the appointment details and Application Reference Number ( ARN) with bar code.  They will suggest you to do self-attestation on the pages you are supposed to do like Passport first and last pages, etc.  Once you are done with line, they do security scan and let you to enter a hall, where you will need to get token.  TCS personnel will verify your documents and let you complete the signatures and any other stuff. They will collect your documents and place them in a file and give you a token number. Be careful as they shout your name and you have to pay attention.  Once you get token then you enter other chamber where process is defined.   You need to show the token to a security guard and he will let you in. It takes about 10 to 15 min here to get token number.

Process Inside Passport office – Photo capture, documents verification, Passport officer

The token clearly states step-by-step where to go.  It says A -> B -> C, indicating where you start and where you end.  All the sections A, B and C are color coded.  You first enter  Section A.

Section A – Photo Capture, Fee payment, Document check

You have TV monitors displaying your token and the corresponding booth where you need to enter. TCS personnel will take care of capturing your photo, verifying documents, organizing them and having them ready in a file. As you need to do online payment, no need to worry about anything about payment for application. Really nice TCS team, they are very helpful and courteous. They will only take the required documents and return if  something is not required.  This is done in a section like Cubicles in typical office with one side open.  It takes about 10 min here.  If you have something wrong when you filled application online, this is the time to get it corrected.

Section B – Documents Verification by Passport Office Govt Employees

Once you are done with that, you need to go to  Section B, where you will have to wait for sometime for your token to be called.  Again, you need to watch TV monitors to see where your token would be called.  As this is done by Government employees, it takes time here, they are slow and some of them were not at their desk.  I waited for about 15 min and then the guy just verified the file for about 5 seconds and did a signature and asked me to go to next section.  It takes about 15 min time at Section B.

Lately, in 2018, users have reported that they are sent away not being sent to the Section C and given acknowledgment letter. They are not giving any reason. There is nothing to panic, it is just happening and we do not know the exact reason. Nevertheless, the passport is being issued as normal, just the process is getting delayed in few instances for such people.

Section C – Passport Issuance by Assistant Passport Officer, All Govt. employees

Well, this was the most frustrating section of the whole process. I ended up waiting for about 1 hr to 1 hr 20 min here.  It was just slow as hell.  There were only two  old guys, one of the guys did not know how to use a PC, they called a guy to turn on computer…it was pathetic. Anyways, they let you wait for a very long time and you need to keep checking the monitor. They will verify the documents once again and tell the decision. If everything is fine, they will ask you to go to the acknowledgement/ feedback counter. If not, they will ask you to get the required documents.  You will be asked to fill out a feedback form and leave the premises.  It hardly takes 5 min here.

Overall the process takes about 30 min until  section B and the last one takes about 1.5 hrs. overall the process should take about 2 hrs. If there are more people in Section C, you could be out by 1 hr or maybe 1.5 hr.  TCS team does a great job by doing work swiftly without any lag. The bottleneck is the last section where Govt Employees work.

Two cents of advice from Passport Seva Experience  :

  • Carry a ball point pen, you may need it to sign. If you have not done.
  • Make sure you do self-attestation of the passport pages and other documents that are required to do. It will save some last minute hurry when you are in the line.
  • Carry photo copies of all the original documents like your address proof, marriage certificate, etc.  At Hyderabad, you have a copier inside to take photo copies, but be prepared.
  • Do NOT need to go early to the passport Seva Kendra, they will not let you inside. You just need to be there at respective reporting time.
  • They will allow cell phones and remote control car keys inside the passport office, do not need to worry about these things. You need to turn them to silent mode.
  • You do NOT need an agent, you can do everything on your own. Just need to carry the right documents.  Agents do not really take you inside or do anything.  They will just guide you and maybe get you a slot.

Latest Tips from Readers : 

  • If your Aadhar card is new, there may be a situation where the government database is not linked. So, if you have a recently issued Aadhar card, carry a backup accepted document for proof of address.
  • For using private bank statements as proof, you need to have your passport size photo with a bank stamp over it.  Also, if you have to re-submit certain documents  there is a separate time for files that are on hold, so not to worry too much.

What was your experience ?  Any other tips for our readers from your experience ?


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  1. Sir,
    usa visa got expired and now I am wanting to apply for usa visit visa ,
    I hve change in my name just spelling correction to make ,
    in my babys passport I ha e correct name and in my passport spelling correction has to be dne u
    So will they give me via or not if there change in my name .

  2. Sir,

    The address on my passport is that of one of my hostels in college. My present address is a different hostel but in the same college. I have got a postdoctoral offer from US. The university in which I have applied insists that my present address needs to be same as that of the address in passport. Does such a minor change in address warrant a reissue of the passport with new (present) address?

    • PKP,
      I do not know why would the school insisit on the address on passport. It is not fair, something wrong here. I think you should speak to them and get it sorted out. There is no guratnee that you will stay in address anytime in life and your admission decision cannot depend on that.
      Secondly, you can apply for re-issue for passport with the current address only. You can speak to your management and maybe get yourself transfered to the new hostel and go for the re-issue of the passport. thats an option…but I suggest you speak to the University and get it sorted out. I have never heard of such requirement. I have studied and worked in US…it seems very strange to me.

      • Sir I requested for reinquiry and it has been done
        I hv received a msg that ” a clear police verification report has been sent to regional passport office ”
        So I m confused what do I need to do I will get the passport or do I need to go to RPO again

  3. sir my police inquiry has a pblm we had shifted temporarily somewhere then we came back to same address inquiry officer didn’t met me he asked a guy n went so what do I need to do for re inquiry n also if re inquiry is done same officer will be appointed

    • You will need to speak to the customer service and get what needs to be done. You will probably need to speak to the police station that came for inquiry and seek next steps.

    • I went to RPO but they said my file hard copy is not received I just wanted to know that re inquiry can be done on the previous inquiry address

      • It is up to the police station. Try again, if they have not sent the file, you have a shot to ask them to visit again for verification. if not, you just wait for the file to go to Passport office and seek their guidance.

  4. Hi,

    i am working in Gurgaon in my client site. my office is at Hyderabad. i am working here for last 9 month. if my parent company will give a letter that i am working in my client site from last 9 month, then is it a valid document for Address proof for passport in Gurgaon location ?

  5. Dear Sir
    My son’s passport has validity period of one year. He had H1B Visa Approval over the passport and he has the possibility of leaving Chennai with in a short span of time. In this case shall I ask my son to go for re-issue issue of passport and how much time it will take to finalize?

    • J.Subramanian,
      If the passport is under one year from expiry, he can apply for re-issue. If not, no need to worry about it now, he can apply for re-issue abroad as well at local embassy.

    • J.Subramanian,

      In addition to what Kumar said, the I-94 issued at PoE will be valid only until passport expiration date (assuming H-1 petition is for a longer duration). It is important that if the passport is renewed inside US, then I-94 extension is filed soon after passport has been renewed.

  6. Validity of my son’s passport is 17 August, 2017 issued from mumbai and presently working at Chennai in a private company . His Aadhar, bank account etc are all in mumbai. Now what is the procedure ?

    • Dr. D. K. Ghosh,
      You cannot apply for your son’s passport re-issue until 17 Aug 2016. You can only apply for re-issue if the expiry is under one year to expiry. It does not matter, he just need to submit his current residential address proof, that should be fine, no need to have other documents under the same address.

  7. Sir i have fill the online form for reissue the passport, what the supporting document will be uploaded by me or at PSKduring visit i have to carry supporting document. Plg help me…

    • Arvind chauhan,
      You can upload the scan copies of documents, if you have the access to do it. If you do not, they will scan the originals at the PSK office during your appointment. You need to carry originals for verification, if you do upload scan copies.

  8. Thanks a lot for your elaborated information. Now i have decided to do it myself. I want to know what is that “eligible for walk-in”.
    once again thanks and regards

    • A. Rajagopal,
      Certain categories of applicants such as minors, senior citizens and physically challenged are eligible for walk-in. You can check with the passport office, the respective timings for walk-in, if you are applying for such applicants.

      • Hi, I applied for re-issue if my passport by Dec 2015.. I was divorced and they asked me to get the correct court order and decree because the one I carried with me doesn’t had the word ‘have dissolved’ in the Oder or decree.. So I was asked to get the correct court order… Then I enquired my lawyer and she told me that that was the correct order.. Since I got my divorce done under section 12a, that is the format and for section 13, the format will have ‘dissolved’ word… I told the APO the same. Then they asked to get Annexure K and I got that and submitted the same… Now they r reiterating the process again as being the correct order copy again from court.. Finally now they escalated to RPO chennai.. Can anyone suggest me what will be the process inRegional passport office or will those persons atleast will help me in getting my passport re-issued sooner??

    • Awadkhan,
      It would very likely be the same process as they need to verify at each step. You may check with PSK office entrance, if you can skip the line…but, my guess is that it will be same and you will have to go through it.

    • Hi Awadkhan,
      today i got same situation, becasue of address proof problem, they said come tomorrow.
      so Should i take appointment again or can go on walk-in to office with documents ??
      How it is happened to you ??? please let me know your exp.

  9. Hello, thank you for the great article!
    I would like to know how long after the walk in interview did you receive your re-issued passport?
    Was yours a 36/60 page pp?
    Was it mailed to home address or can we pick it up?


    • Deepthi,
      I got it in a week. I checked the status online and it was shipped after 3 days. It was a 60 page one. It will ONLY be mailed to the address on the passport, you cannot pick it up.

  10. when I will get my passport after verification of documents at psk on 31st Dec.
    and what r the further steps after psk meet.
    pls suggest me on my mail :hitusaini1995@gmail.com
    thank u in advance

  11. Hi
    This is a great forum helping the needy . Much appreciated
    I have my appointment on 31st Dec for reissue of passport under tatkal / private job category

    I have lost my old passport but I have photo copies

    Is Annexure I and Annexure F ( Verification certificate Mandatory ) signed by police SHO

    pls help

  12. Hello – thanks for the nice article. I have just one question if you have any idea about it:
    I was studying in US for the most part of 2015 and now I am back for a vacation and also to renew my passport. None of my particular have changed, including the address. In such a case, would tatkaal re-issue need an accompanying Verification Certificate?

    • Priti,
      I am not sure, what you mean by verification certificate. To avail tatkaal, you may need to submit some sort of documents indicated the need for tatkaal. As long you have that, you should be eligible to apply for tatkaal, please check the passport website for the requirements.

  13. As I did not have birth certificate they put a hold and give me a date of appointment, but to make birth certificate it takes time so I can not go to psk then what will happen if we r not going to psk on appointment.

    • Samarak Jeet, You can call the help line and explain that you cannot make it. Also, you should be able to check your appointment online and change it as wel.

  14. My passport is going to expire on 26/10/2016. Please suggest me the detailed procedure for online renewal of Indian passport as I do not intend to be late at all.

  15. Today i.e Fri 23 Oct 2015 ,I successfully completed my formalities for re-issue of my passport at Chennai . Thanks for poviding vaulable details in this site that gave me confidence to log on the Passport Seva site and submit my application online and everything went smooth . Hoping to get my passport within the next few days . Since I had no change of any form of details on my passport except for the ECNR ,there was not much documentation required except proof of address ( I gave my BSNL Mobile Bill and Aadhar Card ) and proof of Age ( I gave my Xth , XIIth CBSE Pass Cerificate ) and things went smoothly .

  16. Dear Sir,

    My mother has applied for a passport 2 days back as per the documentation to be provided for the passport we have submitted
    1) Adhaar card as address proof as we are staying at the address for last 10 years
    2) School leaving certificate as dob proof ( with maiden name)
    3) My mother was working with central govt and got retired so submitted her pension order
    4) She is separated since many years from my father and leaving in Ahmedabad with me since 1979. My mother is not legally divorced as they never got separated by decree of court. so as per the requirement we have submitted Annexure K duly signed by the Executive Magistrate.
    All all the process of passport submission at RPO was over we have got the receipt status stating – ON HOLD APO escalation.

    Can you pls guide why have they put the application on hold even after submitting all documents as per the requirement.

    Ananya Ray

  17. Thanks for your excellent write ups .I am in the process of getting my renewing my Passport and your write ups are very useful . Thanks for ur efforts .

  18. I have to apply for re-issue of passport , as the validity period my passport is about to expire in 5 months. I am leavinh on a new address since last 4+ years which is different from the address mentioned on my present passport. Do i need a verification form from Govt. officials (like IAS, IPS, Colonal, Major, etc.). Please advice.

    • If you are applying for a re-issue and if you are having a new address then you must provide 2 proofs of that new address ( like a Mobile Bill , Aadhar Card , Bank Passbook with statement etc ) . Police Verfiction will be there if you are giving a new address , otherwise no police verification .

  19. My passport expiry date is next 8 months.
    I want to know two things :
    – Do i need to submit my current passport to reissue a new one ?
    – If yes, for how long is the passport surrendered without being issued a new one ?
    – If no, will my current passport be valid till the time i am not reissued a passport ?

    • – You do not need to submit, they will check the original and put a stamp on it.
      – As far as I know, there is no need to surrender.
      – Well, it is in interim state. Avoid travel during the period of re-issue, it should take a week or two at the maximum.

  20. Plz tell me what to do I hv voter id card but there is a slight error in that, in case of my father name they have written the relationship as mother, but the address is correct, will that cause rejection or not?

  21. Hello Sir,
    i applied for reissue of my passport (expiring on 153\2016 issued from Lucknow) i have been living in Kolkata for last ten years hence i applied in Kolkata psk under tatkal, all went well until i reached c section they told me that system notification us showing that there might be a court case pending against you hence see the apo, i went to see apo and he told me to go to the RPO for further processing. Application acknloldgemebt shows status as ” on hold” and Apo ascalation, what shall i do,now?

    • You should visit RPO Kolkatta and get ur doubts clear, But I am surprised how did the PSK knows wherabout any case pending coz Tatkal Passport is issued on Post verification basis and only after police verification they are able to know abt police case

    • Ji Nahi aap jidhar ka address proof dege wahi ke Passport Seva Kendra mein aap avedan kar sakte hai. Agar aap Pune mein rahte hai aur aap ke pass Pune ka current address proof hai to aap ko Pune ke PSK me hi apply karna padega.

  22. do we need to have an appointment for consulting passport helpdesk?
    I have some doubts about the passport application. So need to have a talk with passport helpdesk people. please let me know how to proceed?

    Thanks & Regards,


    • Clear the Police verification process approaching your concerned police station within 30days you will have your passport

  23. My passport was issued from Chennai and i was transfer to Nagpur ,let me know to process how to renewal my passport which is going to expire on 6th August 15 ,i have residential proof Rent agreement & Indian Gash paper etc of Nagpur, My job is Transferable

  24. sir,
    i had applied for passport and i was given an acknowledgement letter and asked to come with anexure.
    they said the acknowledgement letter is valid for a year, it was issued to me in the month of july.
    later in September i got a letter from psk that my file has been closed.
    please tell me how to proceed further.

  25. Thanks a lot for wonderful info your website provides. Simple and clear language you provide. I need to know whether re-issue/renewal of passport of my minor son before expiry date is entertained?

  26. dear sir already I applied n all process is almost over they put my application on hold due to no attestation on my ssc memo my next appointment is on 20 so I wanna mein thing is that while filling online form I filled place of birth medak but after coming to home I check online showing rr district so iwanna ask ki my next on 20 at that time if I say they ill correct or not please help me please replay

  27. Dear Sir,

    May i know how to renewal my passport and what is the necessary documents require for that.

    thanking you,

    Yours Faithfully,
    263, Alegesapurem street,

    • Copy of old passport and any 2 documents as address proof.
      the address proofs are Adhar Card,bank account, electricity bill, landline phone bill, Gas connection book ( Any 2)

    • My parents have passport and they wanted to renew. They have been advised from passport office that they have to go online in order to renew. Tried to help them out but could not get the renewal form of passport online. Could you help me out please??

      • Hi Jayati,

        Did you try checking for renew option in PSK (Passport Seva Kendra) website. I am sure there is an option to apply for passport renew on top. There should be a drop down box with this option.

      • Visit portal passportindia.gov.in>register>click the link on email which u provided while filling register form> select apply for Passport>reissue the continoue all equired fields. use option No 2 for filling the form.

  28. Hi there. I found this forum very helpful. I applied for PCC on 08 dec 2014 from Passport office seva kendra ambala. Passport office initiated police verification. I got my police verification done on 24dec and the report was submitted to passport office chandigarh by police on 26th dec. Now status is still showing “police report not clear and your application is under review at passport office Chandigarh”. What does that mean ? Does that mean there is some problem with the police report or that mean that the report is not yet scanned by the RPO. What should I do ? Should I wait for sometime or visit RPO ? I am trying RPO Chd helpline but always busy..

  29. sir,
    my company has asked for passport application acknowledgment receipt on date of joining.what should I do ,I haven’t filled the online application form,please reply asap.

  30. hello sir, yesterday i visited passport office, i got cleared in all counters at last they gave acknowledgement letter by scanning my token,it was very late, so i was in a hurry so i did not checked there itself … when i came back home and checked, i got to know they had given me someone else’s acknowledgement letter….and today again i visited psk but they r not ready to issue one more acknowledgement letter…. i have police verification next week… so is it a problem ??? please reply sir.

  31. Dear Sir,
    I have applied for re-issue of passport , as my passport is about to expire. I have filled up the form and paid the fees also. however on checking once again after paying the fees, I found that I have incorrectly given the “place of birth”. My old passport has the correct one. this is due to the reason I am residing in my present address for the past 20 years. how should I go ahead with this. please let me know if the Customer service executive will change it for me or do i need to fill up the form again. (also i don’t have any place of birth proof). thanks in advance.

  32. I have applied passport in normal quota. My police verification is done. But I need passport urgently as I have to attend a job interview abroad in two weeks. How should I go about it to get the passport quickly ? I have applied in Begumpet PSK.

  33. I had an appointment at psk thane. They asked me to come again as I had no original birth certificate. I’ll get it in few days. Should I take appointment again or can I go directly.plz reply

      • Only if your application is on hold and u have been alloted file No then there is no need of appointment ,else u will have to rescheduled ur appointment

  34. my passport is due for renewal in may 2015 can i renewal my passport before 6 month my passport issuse from Bhopal can i renewal any passport office

  35. Dear Sir,

    I had applied for Re-Issue of Passport on Nov 29th 2014, they cancelled by previous passport, I had given all the supporting documents, in the last before leaving they had provided acknowledgment all the supporting documents submitted, while police verification status awaited.
    I had checked with Regional Passport office Delhi , they have said they have kept the file on hold, you have to visit the PSK Gurgaon office.
    Please advise


    S Naresh


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