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Process at Passport Seva Kendra –TCS outsourcing, Faster processing at Hyderabad

I applied for passport over 10 years ago and the process at that time was paper driven. I had to stand in line for a very long time; I had to fill in big sets of papers and the processing time at Passport Seva Center was very long…things have changed considerably in the last ten years.  Let me share my experience visiting passport Seva Kendra(PSK) for my Indian Passport Renewal.

Outside Passport Seva Kendra in Hyderabad.

I went to passport seva kendra at about 8:30 AM.  As I was eligible for walk-in at that time, I did not had any appointment booked, I just went for a Walk-in Appointment ( 9 AM to 11 AM).   The security guard was very specific on timing, he did not allow anyone until the clock hit 9 AM.  As I inquired others, they were telling their own stories how much they paid for the agent, what all different documents they were carrying.  I got a little confused as I never went to an agent and I did not had all the documents that they were mentioning…I said to myself to stay calm. Some of things I heard was, some paid about couple of thousands to get a slot… (Updated 2016 : Now-a-days, there is no hassle of opening slots at a certain time, you need to pay online and then book slot, so the agents stories are gone for toss. Do NOT believe in agents. )  In any case, none of the agents are allowed inside the passport seva Kendra. They have to stay at the gate. So, there is no need to go for one, unless you badly need some specific help and illiterate.

Standing in Line outside, Outside hall token collection – Documents verification

Once the security guard lets you enter the premises, you will be asked to stand in line, then they look for the document that you  printed out from website, which has the appointment details and Application Reference Number ( ARN) with bar code.  They will suggest you to do self-attestation on the pages you are supposed to do like Passport first and last pages, etc.  Once you are done with line, they do security scan and let you to enter a hall, where you will need to get token.  TCS personnel will verify your documents and let you complete the signatures and any other stuff. They will collect your documents and place them in a file and give you a token number. Be careful as they shout your name and you have to pay attention.  Once you get token then you enter other chamber where process is defined.   You need to show the token to a security guard and he will let you in. It takes about 10 to 15 min here to get token number.

Process Inside Passport office – Photo capture, documents verification, Passport officer

The token clearly states step-by-step where to go.  It says A -> B -> C, indicating where you start and where you end.  All the sections A, B and C are color coded.  You first enter  Section A.

Section A – Photo Capture, Fee payment, Document check

You have TV monitors displaying your token and the corresponding booth where you need to enter. TCS personnel will take care of capturing your photo, verifying documents, organizing them and having them ready in a file. As you need to do online payment, no need to worry about anything about payment for application. Really nice TCS team, they are very helpful and courteous. They will only take the required documents and return if  something is not required.  This is done in a section like Cubicles in typical office with one side open.  It takes about 10 min here.  If you have something wrong when you filled application online, this is the time to get it corrected.

Section B – Documents Verification by Passport Office Govt Employees

Once you are done with that, you need to go to  Section B, where you will have to wait for sometime for your token to be called.  Again, you need to watch TV monitors to see where your token would be called.  As this is done by Government employees, it takes time here, they are slow and some of them were not at their desk.  I waited for about 15 min and then the guy just verified the file for about 5 seconds and did a signature and asked me to go to next section.  It takes about 15 min time at Section B.

Lately, in 2018, users have reported that they are sent away not being sent to the Section C and given acknowledgment letter. They are not giving any reason. There is nothing to panic, it is just happening and we do not know the exact reason. Nevertheless, the passport is being issued as normal, just the process is getting delayed in few instances for such people.

Section C – Passport Issuance by Assistant Passport Officer, All Govt. employees

Well, this was the most frustrating section of the whole process. I ended up waiting for about 1 hr to 1 hr 20 min here.  It was just slow as hell.  There were only two  old guys, one of the guys did not know how to use a PC, they called a guy to turn on computer…it was pathetic. Anyways, they let you wait for a very long time and you need to keep checking the monitor. They will verify the documents once again and tell the decision. If everything is fine, they will ask you to go to the acknowledgement/ feedback counter. If not, they will ask you to get the required documents.  You will be asked to fill out a feedback form and leave the premises.  It hardly takes 5 min here.

Overall the process takes about 30 min until  section B and the last one takes about 1.5 hrs. overall the process should take about 2 hrs. If there are more people in Section C, you could be out by 1 hr or maybe 1.5 hr.  TCS team does a great job by doing work swiftly without any lag. The bottleneck is the last section where Govt Employees work.

Two cents of advice from Passport Seva Experience  :

  • Carry a ball point pen, you may need it to sign. If you have not done.
  • Make sure you do self-attestation of the passport pages and other documents that are required to do. It will save some last minute hurry when you are in the line.
  • Carry photo copies of all the original documents like your address proof, marriage certificate, etc.  At Hyderabad, you have a copier inside to take photo copies, but be prepared.
  • Do NOT need to go early to the passport Seva Kendra, they will not let you inside. You just need to be there at respective reporting time.
  • They will allow cell phones and remote control car keys inside the passport office, do not need to worry about these things. You need to turn them to silent mode.
  • You do NOT need an agent, you can do everything on your own. Just need to carry the right documents.  Agents do not really take you inside or do anything.  They will just guide you and maybe get you a slot.

Latest Tips from Readers : 

  • If your Aadhar card is new, there may be a situation where the government database is not linked. So, if you have a recently issued Aadhar card, carry a backup accepted document for proof of address.
  • For using private bank statements as proof, you need to have your passport size photo with a bank stamp over it.  Also, if you have to re-submit certain documents  there is a separate time for files that are on hold, so not to worry too much.

What was your experience ?  Any other tips for our readers from your experience ?


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    • you should meet RPO and know why so much delay is casuing. generally passport is posted within 3 days after printing progress is displayed.

        • Sir i have been applied for passport on20/05/2019 and due to some emergency i was out of station for some day i got call from police station said that im out of station due to some emergency we came so did verification on 2/06/2019 so now from18/06/2019 its showing passport despatch by speed post still i didn’t get the passport

  2. I had to regularly visit psk Kolkata to get passports of my family members
    My experience there was that the govt granting officers at counter 3 are insane persins. my view is that because of transparency in the new system these officers have lost much on extra under income from touts and agents so they are sitting there to jyst harass applicants and ask for baseless documents not prescribed under passport rules and acts like in my daughters case who has just turned 18 for a pancard which my daughter does not have because she has no income only a student. And in my grandmothers case marriage certificate or annexure signed by both husband and wife when my grandmother is a widow. Fools big fools these officers not practical but repenting because of lost income. Should be transferred to remote place and young and practical persons should be deputed.

    Ocuments not prescribed under passport rules and acts

    • No need to furnish Annexure D in case of your grandmothers passport application only death certificate of your grandfather is necessary.

  3. I have applied for new (fresh) passport. since 3th Jan it is in ‘Police Report has been submitted by SP Office, District Belgaum and passport printing is in progress.’ How soon I can get it in my hand ?

  4. I have applied for reissue of passport as old one is expiring soon. since 3th Jan it is in ‘Police Report has been submitted by SP Office, District Belgaum and passport printing is in progress.’ How soon I can get it in my hand ?

  5. I have applied for reissue of passport as old one is expiring soon. since 29th Jan it is in ‘Police Report has been submitted by SP Office, District Gurgaon and passport printing is in progress.’ How soon I can get it in my hand ? strangely for my parents it came just next day after getting into Printing (they applied in Jaipur while I did in Gurgaon).

  6. Hi
    I want to submit for reissue of passport in the lost condition. can u plz let me know when can i get my passport after police verification
    And is there any possibility to get passport through hand???
    Plz guide me

    Thank u

  7. Hi
    I aplied for Passport on 18/01/2014. and i Got a Message that police verification is initiated. after this how much time it takes for police verification to be done.

  8. Hi,

    I applied for fresh passport on 9th jan 2014 and police verification completed on 15 jan 2014. On jan 20th I received message from police computer wing saying that “Your Passport Verification is complete”, Contact your passport office.
    When I checked my passport online status it shows “Police Verification Report is not clear and application is under review at Regional Passport Office.” this message is showing since from 3day’s. Is there anything else to be done at my end or I have to wait??? PLEASE ADVICE

    • It seems your police report is adverse this may be due to some reasons, such as shortstay, or any court case . interim report not completly filled by DSP office
      you should meet RPO and know the exact reason from them.

  9. For passport reissue, of spouse name inclusion and add change, police verification is mandatory? I get mixed responses.. Can somebody please confirm? Thanks much !

    • For spouse name add, Police verification is not required but for change of address your passport will come definately in Police verification (PV)

  10. My passport status is ” police verification has been submitted by sp office…….. And passport printing is in progress” its been 13 days with this status. I want to ask that how much time it takes to print a passport ? Thanks

  11. Hey,
    I’ve applied for my passport renewal on 27th dec 2013,after 3 visits on 2nd january 2014 my application form got submitted.And on acknowlegdement letter it is written as CSE(submission).Can anyone tell what is the meaning of it? And on the status tracker it is”passport appliction form submitted along with all the supported documents and applicable fee”.From 2nd jan to till now the same status is coming…Can anyone suggest me what should I do?

  12. Hii this is deepak from orissa,bt now i m staying in hyderabad.now my passport status showing your police veryfication is not clear.application under revew in passportofice bhubaneswar.actuly i ll meat my local police thana.bt now what can i do.

    • I guess you may have told your police in Bhubaneshwar that you are presently residing at Hyderabad, If I am right than you will have to visit RPO office and submitt PP form mentioning your Hyderabad address with proof.
      Dont worry your work will be done but you will have to suffer lot in travelling from here to there. If any doubt reply in this forum
      Happy to help you

  13. Hi ,
    i have applied for Tatkal passport.i have submitted on monday . now my passport status is showing “Passport application is under review at Passport Seva Kendra” i had appointment on thursday.
    when it will reach my hand ? Since its in tatkal i expected to reach soon . But process is gng very slow . can anybody suggest me how long time it is needed to reach passport in hand for tatkal.
    thanks in advance.

  14. hi
    plzz advice me…i stay in a rented house in gurgaon n my passport is my permanet adress is of dehi…i hav applied my passport at delhi address….once police verification is done…at that time i was not present there, now my status shows ‘police verification is not clear n ur application is under RPO’…now what i shud do…i heard, that i shud go RPO fill PP form for reverification….is it correct…again there they will check my documents?….Max how many days later i can fill that form, as i will out of town for 2 weeks….
    plzz reply, very confused

  15. good evning dear,

    i am applied for fresh passport on 26th dec 2013 and police verification completed on 5 jan 2014.Till how many days to get passport.when i am applying passport i seen some guidelines on passport official site( 15 days for normal ) is it true.

  16. Hi,

    I have applied for the re-issue of passport ( completely damaged). I had my appointment done at PSK- Pune on 2nd Jan and had my police verification on 4th. I have to travel to UK on 15th and can apply for fast track visa as i have travelled earlier and hence need my passport by 13th earliest. Queries –
    1. Is requesting RPO for early dispatch an option or will my application fall into a queue for printing and dispatched ?
    2.IF i can visit passport officer should i carry any letter for business travel?
    3. Silly but to confirm . RPO is different from PSK right. i find 2 different addresses. 🙂
    It is emergency and the police said my application will be sent to RPO by 7th.

    Thanks in advance.

  17. my passport police verification was done on 14/12/2013 however my passport status showing “passport pending with police verification “.
    pls help.

  18. Pls help me , my online passport status says “Passport application has been submitted
    along with applicable fees and supporting
    documents”, this is my current status,

    I did everything From Step A where we get photographs clicked & biometric done , Step B on first floor where Documents are again verified ! But then the staff members guided to to submit my file and then they gave the acknowledgement receipt !!

    on aknowledgement letter my Status is ” On Hold” But online is says Passport application has been submitted and supporting documents along with fee ” !!

    Pls help anyone !

    • You should immeadtly contact RPO. along with your orignal documents, If any documents have been short then u must have to comply

      • Thnx for replying, But none of my documents was fall short, at every step it was easy for me to proceed further cuz my documents were exactly what they wanted !

        so do anyone have any idea when will my online status change from “Application submitted along with applicable fee and Supporting document” !! its been a week since I applied !

          • Thnx bro for replying, But I visisted RPO RK Puram Delhi and they said its only a week and the system will rectify itself soon, So now what to do ?? nd how to go again because earlier I went their by booking appointment and now I can’t book a appointment !

            Can u pls tell me what are the status that should be on “Aknowledgement Letter” after submitting everything succesfully !

          • Thnx for replying, But today I went to psk and they said the back office team will look towards it ! And nothing I can do now, cuz all my documents have been submitted successfully but only missed the final section (granting officer) and they said very rudely that the back office will look towards it ! I’m just gonna wait for some days like 15-20 and the I’ll file a RTI ! and then finally lodge a complaint if there is any further delay !! And correction my PSK is Herald House ITO delhi ! by mistake I wrote Rk puram !

    • Hi Mohit,
      Any progress, I filled it in a normal procedure on 17/12 and my status too reads exactly the same like you! I did it from Gurgaon PSK.

  19. Hi….i have submitted the documents at psk on 3 Dec. And i ‘m waiting for police verification.how many days take to reach the file at police station,because on 20Dec i’ve to go out of station and after six month I’ll come.if the police verification will not be occur before 20Dec ,then it is possible the police verification will take place after six month without visiting psk……..plz tell me and tell me how to verification will take place before 20Dec.

    • It takes 15 days to reach the documents for police verification documents, If u do not appear personaly your report will be sent adverse and you will have to contact regional Passport Office for reverification and not PSK.

  20. What if i reach late to PSK. My appointment is at 10.30 AM and i am coming from another city at 11.00 AM. Will this cause any problem?

  21. hey tell me one thing
    i m a hosteller ..so my both present and permanent addresses are different..
    in application if i give both addresses then what PSK i wl get?
    can i get PSK at my permanent address??
    what should i do for that?

  22. I was sent to the exit counter while waiting for the counter C verification and given an acknowlwdgement receipt. Now its been five days and online status is still stuck at application submitted. Has this happened to anyone else and do I need to reschedule an appointment?

    • No U will not have to reschedule the appointment if ur status is
      Application has been submitted and police verification has been initiated to……

      • “Passport application has been submitted along with applicable fees and supporting documents”, this is my current status. What happened at the PSK was that around 15-20 people with token number starting from “N”(normal) were sent home because of heavy rush at the C counters. However, they still gave the acknowledgement receipt but the status has been the same for the last 1 week.

        • I think u should contact person in charge of PSK . How can PSK authorities send u back home withoult completing all formalities and what is the meaning of Appointment.

        • I think you are talking about Delhi PSK’s. It happened with one of my friend also. However, you need not worry about it. Your application has been submitted and will be processed for Physical Police Verification at your residence. Just keep tracking the application form with your file number and date of birth here on this website passportindia.gov.in. It will be updated very soon on the website that the application is submitted and subjected to police verification at your residence. I am sure even police verification will be done within two weeks (after the submission date of application form, also only if its delhi, do not know about other places. Best of luck 🙂

          • Hey John, I did submit my application at the Herald House-ITO PSK, Delhi. Thanks for your assurance. I read it on some other blog too.

  23. Hi Amenpreet, i am in the same situation as you are, the police verification is stil pending in my case too, bt im just waiting til my 4th week completes, nd aftr dat il visit the police thana, nd if required wil cal the passport seva helpline and ask them what to do next, il suggest u to cal at their help line no. And ask wat to do next.

    Let me know too wat they reply.

    Hi. I applied for my passport on 02/09/2013. I got a receipt with file number stated on it, status as granted that day itself and Police verification mode was PRE. Since then it has been four weeks almost and I have been waiting for Police to come at my house for Police verification purpose BUT THEY HAVE NOT SHOWED UP TILL NOW. Feeling very disappointed. I heard that getting passport is easier now(in terms of time taken). I also called my Local Police Thana and asked them about my passport, but they say they do not have any thing with my file number on it. What do you suggest sir?? Should I visit the PSK where I had applied my passport application form?? / Should I go to any Main Office somewhere(please do provide the address) ??

  25. I finished police enquiry for passport renewel,when will available passport.also having address change,send me reply as soon as possible

  26. it’s quite difficult to get an appointment for passport, i tried for almost two weeks but one day luckily i got an appointment(hurray) using bsnl broadband connection.

  27. hi,

    i want to know the average processing time to get my passport renewed at delhi. as want change my address as well as i want to add my wife’s name.

    thanks in advance

    • Leaving certificate or SSC board certificate photo ide viz driving licence/voter card/ bank passbook photo attested. 2 address proof SSc marksheet or above optional for NON ECR

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  30. I want a job in passport seve office in kolkata,i like this procedure(A>B>C) to make passport & I am Bsc(H) graduat also have 6 years experience in banking sector as a document checker.please guide me,i want to send my resume also.
    Name-Suporna Poddar.
    e mail-poddar.suporna at rediffmail dot com

    • Hlo sir mere pasport ka file no. Ha GZ1067242672413 YE mera appointment tha 10sep 2013 ko tha meri police verifictn ho gyi bt mera pasport ab tk nhi aya aur mai regional pasport ofc gaya tha bt unhone mujhe bola sb clear ha 15 days mei ghr aa jayega bt ab tk nhi aya .so meri help kre plz.

  31. Hello
    My apppointment is on 18.04.2013 at Kolkata PSK. From this website I got an idea about the proceedures at the time of appointment. These information are very much helpful. Also I would request everyone not to book your appointment through any agenct. I tried just2-3 days to get my appointment and finally on 14th april I got my appointment. I would like to request all the applicants to do it by own. I never use to 3rd party to book Railway Tatkal Booking also. You just need to be calm and have patience. If you do hard work then everything can be achieved by our own hands. But unfortunately we all are becomming lazy. Thats why we are using 3rd party to Book Passport Appointment or Tatakal Railway Ticket.

    • Don’t call this guy. He is fraud. He will take your money for the work that even you can do online. Passport office is not run by him. Go online and reserve your appointment. Dont pay bribe or take help of middlemen like him.
      Do’t crib, help India to remove corruption.

      • @ Indian

        We are not fraud and not increasing corruption in any manner.
        For your Kind information I want to tell you is that in India Around 30% to 40% illiterate and don’t have computer knowledge. How the hell they get appointment you book appointment for them or thought book appointment for them. Sirji its very easy to say but its too difficult to do.

        We just want to help them.

        If you really have socialistic mind and want to help them then i will give some person who are very much frustrate by this.
        If you have any answer plz reply me.

  32. @ Arun,

    You can go inside the PSK without appointment or slot if

    1) you have an enquiry to do
    2) you have to meet someone
    3) you have to submit application for without appointment category:
    1. Tatkal
    2. if you are a government employee or dependent
    3. minor below 15 with both parents having valid passports.
    4. spouse name endorsement
    5. exhaustion of pages
    6. senior citizen
    7. physically challenged.

  33. Hi

    This is regarding SPOUSE name add into wifes passport. Hope this is called RE Issue passport.

    Presently I am staying in Bangalore. But my wife and my self passports are issued in HYDERABAD location with our permanent address ( Guntur).

    While register my name in the passportindia.gov.in , while register what is the passport office can I select ( Is it bangalore or Hyderabad ) and Any option for Tatkal for Re- issue passport ( Addition Spouse name).

    Can you please explain the steps how to best way to go and get immediately.

    Thanks and Regards,
    S. Nagaraju

    • You can do both but its better to do @ Hyderabad. If you apply @ Bangalore, they will ask you why you are applying here and might ask you to submit residential proof. This will lead to change of address, police verification etc. and it will create more issues.

      Go to Hyderabad PSK, and just apply for addition for Spouse name. The passport will be sent to your address listed in the passport only. If you want it to be sent to another address then, you have to apply for change of address.

      And yes, you can apply for tatkal. They might require couple of more documents for it though.


  34. Hi,

    Need a help regarding am a Mumbai resident shifted to Haryana I want to renew my passport as it expires on 14th April 2013. Can I renew my passport from Delhi based on my Mumbai Address. I dont want to change the address……

    Please guide me on this


  35. Excellent piece of information, I had come to know about your website  from my friend kishore, pune,i have read atleast 8 posts of yours by now, and let me tell you, your site gives the best and the most interesting information. This is just the kind of information that i had been looking for, i’m already your rss reader now and i would regularly watch out for the new posts, once again hats off to you! Thanx a lot once again

  36. They have built a good style for appointment but actually their online appointment booking process is a crap. I’ve tried about 20-30 days for booking a slot. But failed.

    Good is what there are some people who booking appointments for some fees. I got my appintment within 3 days after I submitted my details to TheUltrasoft Passport Seva Online Appointment Booking Portal. I found that there are many people who is working on this. But theay did this very fast with nominal charge.

  37. Hi All,

    can you please help me out,i have applied for passport befor 3 months,i checked the status in online its shows”your passport is under regional passport office”may i know when i will get the passport.


  38. Hi Mate,

    Indeed this blog write up is so very handy for those who are going to PSKs for the first time. Unfortunately I had to take help of an agent as I was unable to get a slot myself through the passport website. I tried hard [got luck with Railway Tatkal] but not with this one. Except that I hope everything is fine.

    Today itself I saw an article in Telegraph Kolkata, that these agents use 4G connection and that is the reason they can get you a slot whereas you cannot.



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